Race and 5K Swag Bag Ideas

Races and 5K runs are popular events for churches, nonprofit organizations, civic clubs, and other groups. When it comes to planning, the participant goodie bag is one aspect that prompts a lot of questions. Here are a few 5K swag bag ideas to help you get started.

Most of the items in your swag bags will probably end up being product samples and coupons from event sponsors. Try to include options for post-race nutrition, like energy bars or power gels. Participants will appreciate having something to recharge them right after the run. But regardless of how many great samples you’re able to score, you will still want to include some custom merchandise to help runners remember your event and the brand or cause it represents. So what should you choose?

5K Swag Bag Ideas - Drawstring Backpack and Gripper Polyclear Bottle

The Basics

The most obvious place to start is the bag itself. While the inside may be full of items from other vendors, your swag bag should be branded with the name or logo of your event. Because bags get more impressions than any other promotional product, your event will continue to receive a lot of visibility even after it has taken place. This is great for annual events that hope to increase participation year after year. Our favorite bag for races and 5K events is the classic drawstring backpack, but you may prefer the grocery tote or the shoulder tote.

Though you may receive samples of sports drinks from a sponsor, it’s also a good idea to include a branded water bottle. We like the Gripper Poly-Clear® Bottle and the Poly-Clean Bottle®.

Other 5K Swag Bag Ideas

Depending on your budget and the nature of your event, you might want to include one or more additional items in your goodie bag. We recommend sticking with items that are relevant to your brand/cause or useful to runners. We’ve listed a few suggestions below, but don’t be afraid to be unique or creative with your offerings.

• Earbuds
• Custom bandages
• LED Running Wrist Bands
• Shoe wallets
• Hand sanitizer
• Branded KOOZIE® Can Koolers

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