New Year, New Gear: Refresh Your Promotional Products for 2017

January is a month of high expectations and big goals; everyone wants the new year to be more successful, more prosperous, and more exciting than the last. In addition to all the other things you’ll be evaluating, this is also the time to take another look at your promotional strategy. What do your marketing materials say about your brand? Are they still working? Here are three ways to refresh your promotional products for 2017.

Promotional Products for 2017

Think past the pen.

Branded pens have been popular promo items for decades, which is one of the reasons why it can be difficult for yours to stand out. This year, try adding another promotional product to your inventory. Not only will you enjoy having options for unique occasions or circumstances, but customers and employees will get excited about new swag too. Consider branded office supplies or bags.

Give technology a try.

Branded electronics and tech accessories are an easy way to make your brand feel current and modern. Promotional ear buds are a relatively inexpensive option and foolproof option. Even people who already own earbuds will appreciate having a spare set to keep in a desk drawer or gym bag.

Be mindful of your goals.

You don’t give out freebies just to be generous. Promotional products are marketing tools, and there should be a strategy behind them. Do you want to build brand recognition? Are you looking for new prospects or do you want to encourage repeat customers? How do your current promotional products relate to your business? Will you be attending or hosting any special events this year? Before you reorder or pick out new products, spend some time thinking about your goals.

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