Deck Out Your Desk: Why You Need Branded Office Supplies

It’s time to get rid of your boring yellow legal pads. Branded office supplies are a smarter, more stylish alternative. Using custom desk accessories is sort of like sporting your favorite jersey. They’re a great way to build a sense of camaraderie and remind everyone that you’re all on the same team. Employees will also appreciate items that make day-to-day business a little easier. Here are a few other ways that custom office supplies can enhance your work environment.

Improve the scenery.

With as much time as you and your colleagues likely spend at your desks, you should try to make them feel as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Branded office supplies like note pads and Post-it® Notes are more fun to use and look at than plain versions, and they’ll bring a little color to your workspace.

Make lasting connections.

Did a vendor or a client do something that made your day? Instead of sending an email, you can convey the same sentiments with a quick custom postcard. Handwritten notes always feel more personal than their digital counterparts, and having the postcard customized with your name or logo reinforces your brand. If you need to send a letter or a note that requires more than a postcard, custom letterhead and envelopes will make your correspondence look polished and professional. And, of course, you should never be without well-designed business cards. You never know when you might meet someone that you’ll want to stay in touch with, and business cards are still very relevant – and even expected – in today’s digital world.

Stay organized.

A 2016 study commissioned by 3M reveals that 62% of office workers still prefer managing their to-do lists on paper instead of a computer or digital device, which means that branded note pads and Post-it® Notes will be put to good use. In fact, the same study says that office workers use an average of 30 Post-it® Notes per week, and 47% of office workers feel overwhelmed without access to Post-it® Notes during the day. Overall, 94% of office employees feel they are less productive when they don’t have all the supplies they need. Branded office supplies and desk accessories can remedy that problem in a fun, modern way.

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